Mini-Update: Installing New Coilovers

It’s been a bit since my last update, but that’s largely because I bought a new house and moved. Now I have a four car garage that can technically hold 6 cars! I have plenty of room to work on the 240sx now. In the future I hope to install a hydraulic lift. We’ll see…

Last weekend I began installing the KW V3 coilovers on the S14. The process was fairly straightforward, thanks to numerous write-ups on the internet. Removing coilovers is a bit easier than removing the factory suspension since you don’t need a spring compressor tool to do it. However, I ran into one small problem. The KW v3 did not come with camber plates and I no longer have my factory Top Hats. After doing a bit of reading, it appears that the K-Sport coilovers I have now can be of some use. I can take the camber plates off of the K-Sports and put them on the KW. I will be doing this procedure over the weekend. Hopefully it works out!

Since I had the car jacked up and the front wheels off, I went ahead and replaced the brakes with some new Hawk HP Plus pads and changed out the oil for some new Royal Purple 10w30. I’ll be posting some photos of the coilovers as well. Stay tuned.

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