New Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump

Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump

At our last dyno tuning session, I maxed out the Walbro 255lph fuel pump around 25psi. The car had more to give, but the pump was the limitation. Enter the Walbro 400lph pump! This pump should give me the fuel pressure I need at higher boost levels without requiring a secondary, in-line fuel pump. The installation seems pretty straight forward, especially since I already have a Walbro pump installed. I’m hoping that the wires and plugs match up, meaning that this can be a 10 minute swap. Here is a good writeup on installing the Walbro in an S14. This is a nice video for installing the pump in a 240sx as well (it’s part 1 of 2).

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  1. I am running an rb25det with a Borg Warner s363 now after going the cheap eBay (china) gt3582r even thought I made 475whp at 18 psi before it blew up that was with stock fuel lines running stock replacement 865cc injectors an 255lph fuel pump but also have upgraded the pump with 340lph stealth pump on 93 pump gas

    1. The Walbro 255 was good until about 25psi and then it couldn’t sustain the fuel pressure.

      Please keep in mind that my power is reliable and sustainable. You can adjust timing and boost to unsafe levels and generate a quick number, but I drive with these numbers on the street or at the track without any trouble. No turbo or engine blowing for me. (knock on wood).

  2. I drive my car all time with no problem also sense the Dyno I put a the 340lph stealth pump in going back to the dyno to retune for the new turbo also will put another fuel pump so it will be twin in-tank fuel pumps so I can also run race gas tune

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