Next Project is A/C

For my next project I will be reinstalling A/C in the car. After the RB20DET swap went awry, I disconnected the entire A/C and sold off the motor set. I sourced an RB25DET compressor and mounting bracket from RAW Brokerage. My lines are already modified to work with an RB20DET compressor, but they are slightly different (appear to be backwards). So I’m going mock up the new lines with the help of a local shop once the compressor and condenser are in place. I’m shooting for a custom discrete A/C line look. The engine bay is crowded enough with my ABS module.

I’ll be sure to snap some photos and explain the basics. It seems to be a fairly straight forward process if you have somebody that can modify the lines. We’ll see…..

One thought on “Next Project is A/C”

  1. I got my rb25det setup with a/c works get but need a vented hood because where i am at now has mountains so it gets hot going up. By the if u have an aftermarket steering wheel an no horn u can make it work i did

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