Seasonal Change

When the season changes I find myself not driving the 240sx quite as frequently. Tonight I was adjusting my ride height (and somehow my driver side rear was quite a bit lower than the passenger side). When I was finished I re-torqued all of my wheels (a good practice when the weather changes) and checked my tire pressures. The pressure on my Nitto NT01 had dropped down to 20psi. Don’t just check these things on track days. You should be checking them fairly regularly, and at the very least check everything over when the weather starts to change.

The weather had changed enough around here that my IC piping actually got a bit loose and I blew a coupler off when driving on the highway this week. So it’s probably a good idea to check anything that can contract or expand with weather change. If you plan on parking your car over winter and not driving it, you may consider a fuel stabilizer to prevent start-up issues in the Spring.

Remember, if you’re like me and you have performance or track tires that are not all season, be careful driving them when the temperature is near freezing. They will not get enough heat in them to grip the road and you could find your project car in a ditch quicker than you know it. Be safe!