Gauge Cluster Light Change

So I decided to change out my gauge cluster lights to some super bright white LED bulbs. It looked a bit sharper, that’s for sure. But then I decided that the light was a little too crisp so I instead went for the amber Sylvania bulbs (similar to what you would use in your side markers). I thought they looked neat but my wife thought they were generic looking. I’ll probably go back to the factory bulbs as a result.

The upgrade is super simple and only takes about 10 minutes. You simply unscrew your top cover of your steering wheel, then you unscrew two screws from the top of your dash hood that covers the cluster and pop off that piece carefully (where your light dimmer and cruise control switches are located). Undo the plug on your cruise control and swing it to the side. The dimmer needs to be plugged in to test your bulbs before re-assembly so you can keep that plugged in if you want.

Now you see 3 screws that hold your cluster in place (one on top and one on each lower side). Remove the cluster (don’t bother disconnecting the wiring). You can now swap out the three wedge style bulbs by half-turning them to unlock and voila…. you have new lights.

There are plenty of good write-ups on this.

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gauge cluster
gauge cluster