New Additions to the Car

After many months off, the 240sx has been updated again. I installed new KW V3 coilovers, new Hawk HP+ brake pads, Tein Camber plates, and a GReddy front tower bar. It was all relatively easy to do and let me break in my new garage a bit. I had the car professionally aligned at the Winning Formula in Louisville, KY. The car has never handled so amazing. I can actually power through corners without oversteer. The car is almost ready for the track season. Next up on my list of upgrades are SPL front and rear LCA (when they are available), and a set of Nitto NT01 tires. Should be a fun year!

3 thoughts on “New Additions to the Car”

  1. What a coincidence, i got a red 240sx too, and i just bought a set of kw’s v3 with tein pillow ball camber plate and i got the rb25 too lol, the only difference is that mine is kouki.

    What is a SPL LCA? the guy told me to buy those to so that i can fit my te37SL wheels..

    1. SPL is a brand and LCA stands for lower control arm. I’m waiting on them to be available. I’ll be getting both front and rear arms. They basically give you more control in aligning your car and reduce suspension binding when cornering, etc.

  2. nice!

    I need to buy RUCA too but im between SPL and Parts By Max, i did a lot o research this week but its a tie… so i wanna ask you why are you going with spl instead of pbm?

    Thanks rad!

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